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Project Baby | Week 8 | Lawton Oklahoma Child Photographer

This weekend was full the nieces and nephews. It was a weekend I have been needing and didn’t even know it.View full post »

Project Baby | Week 7 | Lawton Oklahoma Maternity Photographer

Tuesday I will be turning 31, as I’ve been telling people the down hill slope. Every birthday has been hard forView full post »

Project Baby | Week 6 | Lawton Oklahoma Lifestyle Photographer

September 11th is always a sad day, a day of remembering what happened 16 years ago. This year that day fell on aView full post »

Project Baby | Week 5 | Lawton Oklahoma Lifestyle Photographer

It has been weeks, well maybe close to months, since I went out and explored the mountains that make me love thisView full post »

Project Baby | Week 4 | Lawton Oklahoma Lifestyle Photographer

Nausea was an early symptom, you know one of the few I chose to ignore. Sure it comes and goes but it is a viciousView full post »

Project Baby | Week 3 | Lawton Oklahoma Lifestyle Photographer

This week was hard yet uneventful all in one. This sweet little stuffed giraffe is the first gift for you from yourView full post »

Project Baby | Week 2 | Lawton Oklahoma Lifestyle Photographer

Approximately 7 weeks along now. I thought I’d take more self portraits but honestly I only know I’mView full post »

Project Baby | Week 1 | Lawton Oklahoma Lifestyle Photographer

Most of July I had symptoms that I choose to ignore for multiple reasons. But I couldn’t ignore the signs anyView full post »

Empower | Molly’s Story | Lawton Oklahoma Portrait Photographer

This is Molly’s Story The first time I tried to commit suicide I was 16. It was my first boyfriend that pushed meView full post »