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Flower | Theme Challenge | Oklahoma Photographer

That one time I planned an elaborate floral shoot in my head and then worked every day so I couldn’t make it comeView full post »

Weather | Theme Challenge | Oklahoma Photographer

Well cheers to the new year! I can’t believe I went this long without sharing sessions for y’all.View full post »

Shadows | Theme Challenge | Oklahoma Photographer

When shadows was the theme voted on for this month’s challenge, my first thought was spooky and dark shadows.View full post »

Moody | Theme Challenge | Oklahoma Portrait Photographer

I look forward to these challenges every month and this month was seriously no exception! As soon as the theme wasView full post »

Summer is Here | Theme Challenge | Southern California Photographer

I may not be in school, but goodness summer is going by way too fast! This year I told myself, and all of you, I wouldView full post »

Water | Theme Challenge | Southern California Photographer

Hello and welcome to May’s theme for the blog circle I take part in! The theme picked was water and I was superView full post »

Tiny | Theme Challenge | Southern California Photographer

Whew the theme for this months blog circle was a hard one for me. I just blogged about tiny for my project 52 here, soView full post »

March Shoot 2015 | Monthly Photography Challenge | Southern California Photographer

Let me explain a little about what was expected from us this month for the Shoot 2015 Challenge, mastering low light.View full post »

New | Theme Challenge | Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

New  [noo, nyoo]    adj.    1. of recent origin, production, purchase, etc.; having but lately come or been broughtView full post »