Baby G and myself reached 8 months. For whatever reason people say you are pregnant for 9 months but in reality for most people it’s more like 10. And I am totally okay with the extra time. This week marks our 32nd week with approximately 8 more weeks to go. Of course Mr. G is the boss of his due date though. But again like most things with this pregnancy I shall cross my fingers for a later date.

I did want to do an outside picture but this time of year in Oklahoma doesn’t allow for that. So morning light coming through the nursery window would have to do. I figured since Cookie Monster hasn’t made much of an appearance I’d drag him along too. Bit of a mistake given I was bribing him with treats, so he was a bit wild about trying to get one. Needless to say he left a scratch on this ever growing stomach with those back claws of his. Lesson learned though, he’s usually been pretty good with pictures not sure why I brought treats into the equation. But hey the very first one was perfect of him, I guess call me greedy and the scratch was my karma for taking more just in case. I really need to invest in a remote for my camera because I see a lot more self portraits in my future. Not only with this crazy cat of mine, but with Baby G of course. I pray nightly the sweet moments I have with this cat, my son will have as well. But I am a realist at the same time and since all the other nieces and nephews are scared of him, it is only fate that Baby G will be as well. I wouldn’t trade Cookie Monster for anything else though, 10 years with this crazy cat I think it’s meant to be.

Nicole Gulick Photography Project Baby Week 26 Lawton Oklahoma Maternity Photographer

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For the first few months of this pregnancy Baby G, you were measuring ahead of your due date. As a first time mom that was a bit terrifying for many reasons. Is he going to come out huge or is he going to come earlier than originally planned. And then I had read that boys are typically bigger than girls. At that point I just knew I would be delivering a 14 pound baby. Which could still happen but totally crossing my fingers it doesn’t. While the due date is a guesstimation, as is the baby size and such, the thought of him coming early still worries me because realistically I’ll never really be ready. The point is something switched and in our last ultrasound, which man feels like was years ago now, you were finally measuring according to your due date. That sure helped me breath a little easier.

However this week you must of hit a growth spurt. I’ve been told many times leading up to this time frame that this is when the belly really grows. This is when I needed to invest in maternity clothing, because my before clothes wouldn’t last much longer. And goodness has this belly grown. Goodness how YOU, little man, have grown. Take me back to when you first were just barely showing, I think that was around month 3. And now I come from behind the counters at work and everyone can not believe I am pregnant. I even got a comment “well you have expanded since I seen you last”, yes yes I have. With you growing ever so much in the cramped area of my belly, you get to push on my stomach making me eat way less at a time and cause much more heartburn. To much of my disappointment, while maybe I knew it all along, heartburn means nothing about how much hair you will have only that you are indeed crushing my stomach which causes heartburn. I’ll still cross my fingers you have as much as hair as I have had heartburn. I’m also totally crossing my fingers you’ll get my hair color, well the color I had as a baby. But either way you will be perfect.

Nicole Gulick Photography Lawton Oklahoma Maternity Photographer

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This weeks image is one I have dreamt about for way too many years now. Sure it didn’t come out how it always did in my head, animals have no interest in cameras only treats. But I finally made it happen and my heart is beyond happy with finally being able to capture this moment.

You see this is a daily occurrence almost with my Cookie Monster and I. Most of the time when I get out of the shower, the monster is waiting for love on the toilet. With my towel on he climbs up my belly and reaches for me so I can love on him. When trying to have a baby I still remember the first time thinking how beautiful this sight would be with a big pregnant belly. My monster stretching for love over his soon to be human sibling. I also remember those moments after just finding out, each and every month, I was indeed not pregnant again. Having my cat begging for love over what I thought was a broken body was just more heart break each month. Literally almost everyday getting my heart broken then to be reminded by this crazy cat of mine.

It was beyond time my Cookie Monster made an appearance in this project. But also time that I attempt this image I have not been able to shake from my mind for years now. You can bet I will be attempting this again because you can’t even tell that I’m pregnant and that was part of the beauty with the image in my head. But for now this is what I’d like to call the healing of my broken heart. Two of the most important dudes in my life, right here in one image.

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This week was pretty boring, in the baby department anyway. Because let’s be honest most days at my job are anything but boring. However, this week did bring along one pregnancy milestone I knew was bound to happen, my feet disappeared. I still don’t “feel” pregnant most days, I will walk past full length mirrors and just think I am chubbier than before. So all these milestones I continue to surpass I am honestly thankful for. I am embracing each step of this journey, now more so than ever, with a grateful heart. I often wonder if I get to excited with each step of this, but I clearly don’t care if that is the case. Sure I was the woman who shut the world out of my life for the first part of this journey. I cried most everyday at the thought of raising a baby alone. For years I cried because a baby, with my then husband, was all I wanted. And now here it is minus the husband part, and yet I was still crying tears of sorrow. Thankfully with time and the joy from my friends and family I was finally joyful as well. Sure this isn’t how I had planned things, but when in all my thirty one years of life did something go as planned. Sure this is still just as scary as before, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is joy to be seen and felt in each step of this journey. And that is where my focus lies. I can not change things, I can only do the best with what I have.
I am not sure how many other pregnant women rejoiced at the loss sighting of their feet but I did. This boy is around 3 pounds now and is still growing. So when the stretch marks and even bigger tummy comes, again I shall rejoice. That finally God answered my prayers and showed me my body is indeed not broken.

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This was the longest shortest week ever! Does that even make sense to anyone but me? I say short because my work was closed monday, well most things were like the hospital that I wished was open last monday. Little did I know hitting the 28 week mark meant a hundred tests to be done at the hospital. But it was a short week, so I had to somehow cram work and all those doctor things into it. Go ahead and add in there being sick, cause who isn’t fighting a cold right now? Having monday off did allow me to get a lot of sleep while being able to catch up on housework so I am for sure grateful for the short week. So don’t get me wrong there. Oh but wait let me add in the most important stresser to all of that! This was the week I would find out if things moved into the right places to allow me to have a natural birth. I see nothing wrong with C-sections, but I am all this little boy has. And honestly asking for help just isn’t in my vocabulary. So to me a c-section will mean I wouldn’t be able to care for this miracle until I was healed and therefore I would have to ask for someone to help care for him. Sure people will be helping me care for Mr. G all of our lives, but that soon? It is just hard to even think about. I had an ultrasound wednesday, it’s crazy how I don’t even realize tears are falling from my eyes every time I see him. By the looks of it little man totally doesn’t have my lips, but they looked perfect. He is measuring right along with how far along I am, thankfully. So I am totally crossing my fingers for an april due date, don’t ask why because my only reason is to have that much more time to prepare. And yes things did thankfully move, so the plan is to have a natural birth. But with births I have been told not to make plans so I am just praying there won’t be a need for an emergency c-section.
While this week was the furthest from perfect, getting that good news made everything worth while. So in the middle of all the chaos that is life and will be life, I will still smile. How can I not, I am growing a miracle after all.

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