Project Baby | Week 24 | Lawton Oklahoma Maternity Photographer

This weeks image is one I have dreamt about for way too many years now. Sure it didn’t come out how it always did in my head, animals have no interest in cameras only treats. But I finally made it happen and my heart is beyond happy with finally being able to capture this moment.

You see this is a daily occurrence almost with my Cookie Monster and I. Most of the time when I get out of the shower, the monster is waiting for love on the toilet. With my towel on he climbs up my belly and reaches for me so I can love on him. When trying to have a baby I still remember the first time thinking how beautiful this sight would be with a big pregnant belly. My monster stretching for love over his soon to be human sibling. I also remember those moments after just finding out, each and every month, I was indeed not pregnant again. Having my cat begging for love over what I thought was a broken body was just more heart break each month. Literally almost everyday getting my heart broken then to be reminded by this crazy cat of mine.

It was beyond time my Cookie Monster made an appearance in this project. But also time that I attempt this image I have not been able to shake from my mind for years now. You can bet I will be attempting this again because you can’t even tell that I’m pregnant and that was part of the beauty with the image in my head. But for now this is what I’d like to call the healing of my broken heart. Two of the most important dudes in my life, right here in one image.

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