Project Baby | Week 22 | Lawton Oklahoma Maternity Photographer

This was the longest shortest week ever! Does that even make sense to anyone but me? I say short because my work was closed monday, well most things were like the hospital that I wished was open last monday. Little did I know hitting the 28 week mark meant a hundred tests to be done at the hospital. But it was a short week, so I had to somehow cram work and all those doctor things into it. Go ahead and add in there being sick, cause who isn’t fighting a cold right now? Having monday off did allow me to get a lot of sleep while being able to catch up on housework so I am for sure grateful for the short week. So don’t get me wrong there. Oh but wait let me add in the most important stresser to all of that! This was the week I would find out if things moved into the right places to allow me to have a natural birth. I see nothing wrong with C-sections, but I am all this little boy has. And honestly asking for help just isn’t in my vocabulary. So to me a c-section will mean I wouldn’t be able to care for this miracle until I was healed and therefore I would have to ask for someone to help care for him. Sure people will be helping me care for Mr. G all of our lives, but that soon? It is just hard to even think about. I had an ultrasound wednesday, it’s crazy how I don’t even realize tears are falling from my eyes every time I see him. By the looks of it little man totally doesn’t have my lips, but they looked perfect. He is measuring right along with how far along I am, thankfully. So I am totally crossing my fingers for an april due date, don’t ask why because my only reason is to have that much more time to prepare. And yes things did thankfully move, so the plan is to have a natural birth. But with births I have been told not to make plans so I am just praying there won’t be a need for an emergency c-section.
While this week was the furthest from perfect, getting that good news made everything worth while. So in the middle of all the chaos that is life and will be life, I will still smile. How can I not, I am growing a miracle after all.

Lawton Oklahoma Maternity Photographer


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