Project Baby | Week 21 | Lawton Oklahoma Maternity Photographer

Now that the holidays have come and gone, all I can think about now is my due date. Here I am with being 28 weeks just around the corner. Apparently there are quite a few tests and an ultrasound I’m dreading all needing to be done next week. Every step of this has felt impossible, but with support I have come this far. Knowing I’ve done impossible before doesn’t make some of the things ahead of me seem possible though. Spending the new year doing different tests needed to check on this miracle doesn’t sound ideal, but hopefully I will get information to make some of this seem less impossible. But until then I get to hurry up and wait.
I totally missed the mark on a Christmas day picture. I didn’t take a picture last sunday due to thinking I would that monday, Christmas day. But alas, I did not. Cooking and enjoying family was my main focus and I just blanked that I needed a picture for my weekly project. So this week’s post is a bit late, nothing new for me. I figured one last Christmas tree picture though since it is coming down today. So I had some fun last night playing with the light and ornaments. However self-portraits are not fun, they are super hard when you have to use chairs and such to try and get focus before standing in their place. So this project has really pushed me so far, since I am documenting this pregnancy some self-portraits are required. However, I know I will cherish these and the crazy stories that go along with each image for years to come.


Lawton Oklahoma Maternity Photographer

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