Project Baby | Week 19 | Lawton Oklahoma Maternity Photographer

I don’t really know how all of this is supposed to go, so to say I’m winging it may be an understatement. People are finally starting to ask if I’m pregnant, you can see the fear on their face usually. They don’t want to be that person, but I guess they are pretty sure I’ll say yes so they ask away. And to be completely honest, I love the question! I was the woman who thought I would never hear that question. The woman who would never get to experience any of this. So now every time I do hear that question it is a reminder of how good God is. How funny God is too, because surely there could of been a better time for this. I know, I know. There really is no right time. I hear it over and over, no one is really prepared and I get that. It doesn’t bring me much peace though.
This week was Christmas card picture time. I haven’t sent cards out in quite a few years and I thought what better year to start again. Taking pictures for Christmas cards was always one of my favorite parts of getting ready for Christmas. The main reason I stopped was because I thought who would want a picture of just my cat and I. And now they will get pictures of my cat, this miracle baby and I. Isn’t that the fun of Christmas cards? Watching families grow? But maybe social media has taken over that aspect of it. Regardless I’ll enjoy that part of Christmas card time each year now.


Lawton Oklahoma Maternity Photographer

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