Project Baby | Week 18 | Lawton Oklahoma Lifestyle Photographer

It feels like 6 months should be a milestone, but when breaking it all down it really isn’t. Maybe after the journey I have had of getting here, each month is a milestone. Proving God is the one in control of this crazy thing called life. Regardless each week is a celebration in this little house now though. And this one I suppose marks four whole weeks of feeling you move around. My morning and night routines are now a bit longer than before. I just can not help but lay in bed just a few more moments longer to feel your movements little man. I was told these were the magic moments and all day long I try to wait and feel you move, but census show my movement rocks you to sleep. Funny how that works out no wonder babies have their days and nights mixed up. I may cross my fingers and hope some how that changes the moment you are in my arms. But I am also a realist and won’t breath too much into that. So until then I will be thankful that while I am still you are having a party. I will take each movement as a little hello. I will take each movement, each day, as a sign that you are there. While the excitement has finally started to overpower the fear of this journey, it is not gone. But I am so thankful I am finally seeing more to be excited about.

Lawton Oklahoma Photographer

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