Project Baby | Week 17 | Lawton Oklahoma Lifestyle Photographer

Typically I leave space on Sunday to capture my weekly photo, but last week was thanksgiving. To be honest, Thanksgiving day proved to be way more photogenic than my boring Sunday was. Lots of delicious food and then hitting the gun range with loved ones. It was a beautiful day for sure. I couldn’t of asked these three men to pose any better, funny how things just work out sometimes. When I seen my father and little brother looking onward to my big brother, I was quickly reminded just how blessed I am by them. They send my fears of being a “boy mom” away and they don’t even know that they are. Hitting the gun range with them reminded me this little guy in my belly couldn’t be surrounded by better people. Every part about raising a kid scares me, but of course all those parts of having to teach a boy “boy things” scares me more. But that’s where these three and my nephews, who have already volunteered to potty train Mr. G!, will step in. I’m not alone in this journey and this is photo evidence. What google won’t be able to help me with, they will.
While my youngest brother doesn’t have William in his name, these three do share the same initials. And so on top of passing down part of my late brothers name, William, I will also be passing down these three’s initials. RWG. Hopefully they will be reminded by this miracle on a daily basis just how thankful I am for the three of them.

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