Project Baby | Week 16 | Lawton Oklahoma Lifestyle Photographer

Now that people are noticing I’m pregnant the questions are coming in. The easy one so far, “what are you having?” But it’s followed by a difficult question for now, “what will his name be?” You see I had a girls name picked out, not because I wanted a girl more but because I’m a believer in passing down family names. So I had planned to pass down part of my name to a daughter, and the father would pass down a part of his to a son. Have you ever heard the song by Johnny Cash “A boy named Sue”? Well that would be my future if I passed down part of my name to this little guy and I don’t want that 😉 But I can pass down a part of my deceased brothers name. The tough part now is deciding which of the three, William Robert Scott, I will use and what will I pair it with.
My dearest brother how you are never far from my mind and with most things that come along on this path I am on you are always in my decision making. God knew what he was doing blessing me with this little boy who will keep you, dear brother, on my mind even more. So while you can’t be here to help me on this crazy journey that I am on you will be in spirit as he carries a part of your name. So as I decorated my tree and hung your ornament I made in your memory I am filled with peace and joy.

Lawton Oklahoma Lifestyle Photographer


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