Haas | Lawton | Oklahoma Military Homecoming Photographer

When I first started photographing Military Homecomings, I can honestly say I was terrified of night time ones. Actually one of my first homecomings was set for super early morning, before the sun was set to rise, but I prayed for sun and out it came! But now night time homecomings are some of my favorites! There at the end of my time in California it seemed almost all of my homecomings were set for the late evening, and I loved every second of them. The few light stands they set up I think really create a mood that is just perfect for how anxious everyone is waiting, and then the joy and love that comes when the white buses get unloaded. So yes night time homecomings were some of my favorites! Paige traveled quite a ways to welcome her marine home and I couldn’t of been happier waiting beside her with my camera in tow.

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