Project Baby | Week 1 | Lawton Oklahoma Lifestyle Photographer

Most of July I had symptoms that I choose to ignore for multiple reasons. But I couldn’t ignore the signs any longer and as per my usual self, I called my grandmother to get her opinion. The next day after work I went to Walmart to get a test, only I couldn’t afford a $10 test  so I called my friend to see what other options I had. Of course Dollar General. And an FYI to anyone else like myself, if you get a pregnancy test from there you get to be a scientist for a $1. That was probably the only fun part. On my way home God knew I needed to tell my mom and she happened to be outside walking her dog as I was driving by, so I stopped. We talked casually and before I was about to leave she asked how I was and I broke down crying and told her I had ice cream and a pregnancy test beside me. I was always told to take the tests in the morning but after my mom bugging me she came right over and I took the test that night. August  9th around 8pm, the day my life forever changed once again. God knew I couldn’t take that test alone. I was sobbing in fear of raising a baby without a father, all the while she was crying tears of joy that her little girl wasn’t broken just like she kept telling me all these years.

Over a month along already but never too late to start documenting this crazy ride God has put me on. If life proved a seatbelt I’d sure have one on at that moment. I’ll never understand how God figures I am strong enough for the things that come my way but I’m going to soak in the miracle that is this life growing inside of me.

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