Dominick 9 Months | Lawton | Oklahoma Watch Me Grow Photographer

Say hello to sweet little 9 month Dominick!

This sweet little guy and I became fast friends during the year I was blessed to watch him grow. It is totally sad to think he now has a new baby sister, Where does the time go? For Dominick’s 9 month session his family and I did a fun in-home session. Children are just way more comfortable in their own homes so bringing out a camera is a little less scary for them it seems. Capturing Dominick in his environment though was such a blast, he was just about everywhere quicker than you could blink. So his momma for sure has her hands full if baby sister is anything like him. He was one of my favorite newborns to photograph with his gorgeous chunky self, and he just got bigger for his 3 month session, and crawled everywhere during his 6 month shoot. I still have his super fun 1 year session to share with y’all so keep an eye out for that!

If you are¬†interested in your own in-home session of you and your family please hit that message tab above! I’d love to capture moments where you are most comfortable!

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