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Fresh   /freSH/   adjective 1. (of food) recently made or obtained; not canned, frozen, or otherwise preserved.    2. not previously known or used; new or different.

If you look under fresh in the dictionary you will find quite a few more adjectives as well as the adverb of the word. One of my favorite parts about these theme challenges is looking up the definition, too many times my mind goes straight for one option. After reading the multiple uses of each theme I am then able to open up my train of thought.
Fresh is such a common adjective for each new year, but each person’s idea of a fresh new year is different. So I am super excited to share my FRESH new look and plans with y’all! Take a look around the blog, it is slowly getting a “fresh” new face lift. Among the many things that will be changing my logo got a new look, it is bolder than my pervious one. After the year I have had I hope I’m bolder and I want that to show through. My images will be a bit different as well, with growth comes change and new views on things. All of that I hope shines through. I do have lots more to do on ol’ faithful here, so do keep a look out! I already have some posts scheduled, so I plan on having new posts up at least once a week. Hopefully soon it will be more often but until then I will find contentment in what I can do for the time being.

I have needed head shots for quite some time now, but even more so now with the rebrand of my business. I have always shared my whole heart here and so here I am capturing my whole self. If you are ever looking for me, you will find me at my day job, behind my computer, but most likely you will find me in the comfort of my bed. I eat, drink, work, study, think, read, plan, dream and lastly sleep there. It is a horrible habit, I know if I were to only sleep in bed that I would actually sleep better – it’s the truth so if you are like me work on only sleeping in bed so you can sleep better! If I could only have one piece of furniture it would be a bed for sure, somewhere I could be comfy and cozy. So here I am with a fresh new look with my business, with my appearance, and on life. I couldn’t be any more ready to share it all with you!

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