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I am going to guess if your following me here then your possibly a friend of mine on Facebook. While I have been sharing more than I have the last few years there, that hasn’t meant I have been sharing everything. This blog has and will always be my outlet in a sense. I’m so thankful for those of you who come to read about my life and my passion! While I know these post are few and far between, I truly believe it just matches how crazy my real life is. I know there is a slow down that is soon to come so until then I haven’t let the crazy stress me out. Somehow I have been embracing it, possibly matching it with more crazy but that is okay for now I think.

Here lately, most days I have forgotten why I picked to move to Lawton. Most days I miss living in Norman, I mean out of the cities in Oklahoma of course. Because lets face it every single day I miss San Clemente, I miss LA and San Diego only being an hour away, I miss being able to walk to the ocean. Most days I have no idea what I am doing with my life. But on those other days where I am not dragging myself down with all the what if’s of my crazy life right now, I am finding happiness and beauty around me. I am seeing this city I will call my temporary home for just that and finding the beauty in it. I really needed this theme to make me think and not just go out and shoot. I am sharing a picture from the top of Mt. Scott that is just outside of Lawton. A single image of some of the beauty I am lucky enough to call my temporary home. A single image reminding me how blessed I am to call Lawton my temporary home.

So here is to new places, new faces and new memories in this temporary home of mine <3

Head over to Emilee, of Bits of Flair Photography from Natchitoches, LouisianaNicole Gulick Photography Lawton Oklahoma Photographer

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  • April 5, 2016 - 8:14 pm

    Carlos Curet - We hope not too temporary (or at all) . We love working with you and hope you feel like you have a home here. Beautiful shot, I’m sure you’ll find more beauty here.ReplyCancel

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