White Space | M4H Project 52 | Oklahoma Photographer

This marks week 36 and I couldn’t be more thankful for the journey this project has been for me so far. Even when I am bogged down with editing and such I still set time away to pick up my camera and shoot for myself. Shooting for yourself is so freeing and really allows me to try things and mess up when trying new things! Just a bit of honesty there for you, because lets face it you can’t succeed without failing. This week the theme was white space, that is one of the things this journey has shown me how much I love. I am sure you may have noticed a lot of my shots for this project are staged with an all white background. Something so clean and open about white space and my heart really yearns for the simplicity of it. Also an introduction to my newest succulent! I plan on hanging this guy because but for now I had an empty pot that this guy fits into perfectly, because yes one hit the dust. I set all my plants outside for some sun and they were overtaken with spiders so they may have stayed out for longer than they liked, so not totally my fault! Thankfully the maintenance guys came and took care of the spiders and I was able to save all but one. Hey it happens right? 🙂
San Clemente Photographer Project 52

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  • September 17, 2015 - 11:56 pm

    Rick Gulick - I admire your comittment to this project € :ReplyCancel

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