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I swear Sarah of My Four Hens Photography, who hosts this awesome project 52, has been reading my mind lately! This week I finally had a follow up appointment that was supposed to happen 6 months ago. I just couldn’t bare the thought of another hospital visit and leaving without answers another time. Everything a hospital emotes in me is not fun. I know after making a waiting room my home for a week has caused me to despise everything about a hospital. The monthly visits last year each with no answers didn’t help matters either. I will never forget my first appointment, I walked in and went to sign in, just as I was about to write my name I had to get out of there. I took a few minutes to myself outside and came back in to start this journey I am on now. Trying to figure out if my body is capable of what God made me for has been trying and exhausting, but I try to remind myself I am only in the beginning of this long road. Each visit the pain is less and less though and that is a comforting feeling. I find comfort knowing I am not alone in this journey and if you find yourself on this same journey I hope you know you are not alone either. Whatever answers I get I know God has big plans for me, until then I shall just ensure if this is one of them or not.
Nicole Gulick Photography Emote Project 52 San Clemente Photographer

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  • September 4, 2015 - 4:32 am

    Rick Gulick - I’m with you too! Love the way the pictures change € :ReplyCancel

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