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Intense could not have been a better word for this week. I mean who really enjoys intense weeks, but for me this week is all that and more. And so there really couldn’t have been a better theme for this Project 52. Putting the intensity of this week into a single image though just did not come so easily. Summing up all of this I wasn’t sure I wanted to do, but with this project I have found so much peace digging and being personal. I was never a crier, but wether it be age or going through such tough losses I am so emotional now. Not sure if or when I will figure out how to control that but for now I’m okay with it, chalk it up to all those years passed that I held tears back. So here I am in defeat of the intensity of this week, and yes that means lots of tears. I am a planner and God is simply showing me I am not in control of this life He blessed me with, He is. My faith is being tested and I am done failing, so there really is no where else to go from here but up. The whole getting up part though will be tricky, I am trying not to plan my own way up rather trust and see the right way.
Here’s hoping your week has been smoother!

Nicole Gulick Photography Project 52 San Clemente Portrait Photographer

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  • August 30, 2015 - 7:11 pm

    Brianna - Miss you friend, sending happy prayers your way <3ReplyCancel

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