Adventure | M4H Project 52 | San Clemente Photographer

Adventure was the theme given for week 31 and I just could not wait to set out on a mini adventure with my love and get a photograph. I have heard about a spot in San Clemente that you can pretty much see the whole town from above, I kept putting off checking it out though. I knew this week would be the week I would take an adventure out to see all of this awesome town that has became my temporary home. Going to check it out just moments before sunset just made the view even better! It was so awesome to see the pier from up so high, it looked so tiny! And all of the houses you can kind of see look like little ant homes. Such a breathtaking view! So very thankful for this project to push me each week and for this city that is beyond beautiful with all the hidden gems I keep finding. Go out adventure the town you live in, there are so many things just waiting for you to find them!

Nicole Gulick Photography Project 52 Adventure

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