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vi·sion  /viZHən/   noun     1. the faculty or state of being able to see.    2. an experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition.

I am so glad I didn’t read the definition before getting my ideas for this post together, I think I would have went a different route for sure. This week was pretty easy for me thankfully. For me vision is thinking, dreaming and planning up an idea. But it shouldn’t end their you should then make your vision a reality. Vision is ever changing for me, depending on my location, what I am feeling that day or who I have in front of my camera. But when I do get a vision in my head it is hard to let it go without seeing it come to life. A dear friend asked me to do her maternity photos and gave me a lot of creative control, what more could I ask for? While we were both sharing our ideas for the session I quickly got a vision in my head. This image I got at the very end of our session was exactly what I had been envisioning. There just isn’t words from walking away from a session knowing your vision came to life! Can’t believe how fast this year has gone, even more so that I am still chugging along with this project. Thank you so much for following along I am pretty excited for next week’s theme and to share more with y’all!

Nicole Gulick Photography San Clemente Maternity Photographer

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